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Over more than three centuries that the traditional saddle industry exist, we have a deep passion for this amazing profession which we’ve learnt the rules and basics from the senior experts.

Our workshop is run by IDRISSI KAITOUNI Fouad who inherited the profession from the ancestors,

Our staff stay up for the quality and the mastery of the Moroccan saddle. Especially that the Moroccan saddle industry requires concerted set of crafts such as carpentry, blacksmithing, tanning, embroidering, sewing and wicking yarn operations.

Far from the mechanization and modern automatic machines that introduced distortions on the Moroccan saddle, Idrissi saddles didn’t give up on the traditional method in manufacturing the saddles, which requires a lot of effort, time and skills, Idrissi Saddles is creative in the decoration of the manufacture with drawings and lines inspired from authentic arabian heritage. We’ve combined between authenticity and modernity with a touch of Excellency.

It is noteworthy that the saddle can be made in few days, but the original handmade saddles  require eight months or a year to make them according to the quality and specifications that the customer sight. Also the saddle won’t exist without those  traditional  workers who embroider various parts of the it. Each one of them redraws the selected part displayed with thin gold thread on the velvet or leather.

Idrissi Saddle makes the distinction through the designs inspired from the Arabian culture, and also for the high quality of the raw material that we use.

Thanks to the continued hardwork inside The workshop, huge range of saddles are made embroidered with gold thread. And For more than a century that we’ve been serving leaders of the world, dignitaries, veterans, artists and others from all over the world. Our passion for this amazing job is reflected through the work we do.In nutshell, Idrissi Saddles is simply the brand that symbolizes nobility, authenticity and excellency.

We handmake moroccan saddles and they are overwhelmingly welcomed all over the world, our products are known for their high-qualities and beauties, we currently export overseas.

In nutshell, Idrissi Saddles is simply the brand that symbolizes nobility, authenticity and excellency.